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IKEA Tower (also known as the watchtower) was a beacon of hope and trust. It was used by PewDiePie to find his way back home and was sometimes used for parties with his friends . It is located next to PewDiePie's house.

*IKEA Tower[]

Felix paying respects to Joergen, Joergen II and Water Sheep

After defeating the Wither, PewDiePie takes apart Water Sheep, Joergen, and Joergen II's gravestones and combines them into one beacon that reaches to the skies and beyond, showing that they died to gives us strength. In Episode 27 a piston color switcher was added to make the beacon alternate yellow and blue.

Beetroot Attack & Destruction:[]

The beacon of the new Ikea Tower

On October 13th, 2019, the original Ikea Tower was destroyed in an attack by the Council of Beetroot.

After Felix planned to explode the Ikea Tower because he "never finishes his projects." Felix finds The 4 main protagonists beneath Ikea Tower (Sven, Joergen III, Bengt, Sven's Son) They tell him that the Council of Beetroot told Them to come there. Felix then realizes that he left the TNT near to where the council is sitting, and quickly catches on to what the Council is doing. He tells everyone to run. However, this proves ineffective, and the whole structure is blown up by the council with everyone under it. Felix who barely has any health left,tries to find anybody who might have survived the explosion.


The explosion is later reverted by Felix, who loads an old save file, thus bringing IKEA Tower back and everyone who died in the explosion. He also kills Council of Beetroot in revenge.

Space Launch[]

At the end of Episode 36, Felix helps old IKEA Tower to return to the stars, where it once was. It was flown into space using the new Honey Blocks, which means the Minecraft world was currently on a Snapshot n of Minecraft. It's possible the tower remains stuck in midair, as flying structures stop moving once they reach the building height limit.

After Episode 37, the old IKEA Tower remains as a satellite watching over Broland.


  • The new version of the IKEA Tower is possibly the second tallest structure in the nation of Broland, with the #1 title going to Sub2pewdiepie12's Summer House.